Fortress Britain Becomes Prison Britain

It seems under the guise of the war on terror, Britain, which is run by an elite group of bankers and shadowy puppeteers is instead of nation building(which this country needs) prison building. Prison Britain. This country is evolving in a massive prison primarily designed to keep the detritus population in check. It is the policy of the government to fill Britain with migrants that have no allegiance to this country and to instead take the power of the country away from the white middle class to more easily extend their control and evil agenda. Article here.

Future historians thinking about the demise of Britain will no doubt conclude that it was not(as some claim) incompetence or bungling which brought about the demise of the UK, but rather they will instead draw an entirely different conclusion. It was the purposeful intent and active participation by government that destroyed the backbone of British culture.

If one looks to antiquity for comparisons then Rome would be a good example. In it heyday 50,000 slaves were being shipped to the various parts of the Empire. Each bringing their own unique culture or belief. No doubt that would of weakened the resolve of subject nations and made them easier to manage from Rome. Only when these states were weakened to such an extent and brought to their knees was Rome able to enforce its view of total control i.e. radical Christianity.

A decadent UK which seem to be content living in their cities and engaging in a feeding frenzy of consumerism and post-modern thought seem to have been primed for this process. It has been the dream of dictators throughout time to control the minds and thoughts of it subjugated populations. Surely if the UK government adopted Islamic principles than this would be the ideal method. a radicalized religion with its own eager thugs to carry out it edicts on the wider population. When violence does erupt it won’t be the immigrants that will be kept in check but rather the native population. If this turned out to be true then the comparison would be complete.

Te patria dies hard and Britain awash with multi-cultural living is a prime example of this process. But instead of an outward ‘divide and conquer’ it is more akin to a snake eating its own tail. It is with this in mind that Prison Britain must be viewed. The increasingly police state and militarization of the UK is done not to defend the UK from terrorists but sadly to suppress the white middle class and to keep them in. The military have an uncanny ability to separate religion and politics from their ‘work’…

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