Normalisation of immigrants

An article from the International Herald Tribune on DNA sampling for illegal immigrants in France. Article here. It seems that far from closing the borders to illegal immigrants it will eventually lead the way to normalize more immigrants that have blood relative already living in Europe. It is the green light to immigration as it will speed up the time it takes to process immigration applications.  Far from being a tough measure to battle the growqing tide of migrant it will mean that when illegal immigrants become ‘normalized’ their blood relatives will speedily be able to settle in France.

In California, USA has gone even further in their drive to provide ID cards to illegal immigrants which would then allow them to apply for bank loans and to be enrolled in employment. Read article here.  The UK s plan to implement ID cards is again gaining momentum and we must be vigilant to the reasons in which government is doing this.  According to the Home Offices own website people that have only been in the country for 3 months will be eligible for ID cards.  No doubt this will give the happy owner of the identity card access to numerous public benefits, access to the job market and bank loans.  I certainly will be resisting the ID card as it will mean the destruction of our culture.

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