British exiles increase in ever greater numbers.

If the vast majority didn’t know already, it seems that the level of emmigration by British is increasing to levels never seen before. This would not be a starling thing in itself if the levels of immigration of non-European immigrants were not also running at levels not seen before. See article.

Politicians are happy to erase the once indelible mark of British culture and clean it from the country as if it were an unsightly sore. Researchers seem to be puzzled at the reasons which motivate Britain’s to pack up their bags and leave the country. Well if you see the state of the public ‘services’, with schools failing disastrously, hospitals collapsing under the weight of mismanagement, PC culture, and unprecedented levels of immigration then some understanding of why Britain is becoming a failed state in the eyes of the British become obvious.

In a recent poll for the Daily Mail, the question

‘As 200 000 Brits leave UK each year, would you consider emigrating?’ was asked.

A staggering  87% answered yes

It does not need a specialist researcher to know the reason as to why.  In fact researchers are generally paid for by government or government funded institutions and invariably provide glossed over and politically acceptable answers.  It seems that all choice and debate on policy is stifled.  Government has decided that it needs immigrants and all other opinions are deemed ‘racist’.  Not only content on immigration policy,  government is in doctoring the population to lay onto its side and embrace change.  A controversial Christmas navity by the BBC tells the tale of Christmas from the point illegal immigrants with the evil King Herod no doubt as the passport office.  Government is presenting itself as our savior and they know better than us ignorant peasants it seems.    Not withstanding the fact that government is giving illegal immigrants  jobs in  sensitive government security roles(at the expense of British ex-military personnel) clarifies the mind set of this criminal government.  What it will take for the government to take action and actually reverse this trend?  It seems only violence that the government understands.

In the United States of America(whose immigration problem massively outstrips ours) worries have been voiced over policies to actually clamp down on innocent American citizens who oppose the presence of illegal immigrants.  Illegal immigrants by virtue to illegally entering a country are criminals.  Good people of America who stand up to these criminals are being persecuted by the full force of the law.  The ‘Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act 2007 could easily be used to imprison genuine political activist or anyone the government does not like.  In the United Kingdom we have similar legislation which could be used to lock up anyone that government disagrees with.

It is only a matter of time before the scale tips and the British become strangers in their own land.

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