Secret warfare waged against own population in Britain today.

It was reported today that there is an increasing awareness among the public of the phenomenon known as Chem-Trails. Skeptics amongst you may believe that this is a conspiracy theory. I doubt it these days. With the increasing admission of governments around the world to performing experimentations on the unwittingly public is in the public domain. Read here.

It is easy to dismiss the Chem-Trail theory by citing increased airline traffic and normal Con-trails, but increasingly people have begun to analysis water content from areas where Chem-Trail activity is high, with worrying result. Levels of unusually high barium have been found in samples which have been analysied by the Environmental Protection Agency in Texas. See here.

Barium is a toxic substance which in low doses can cause nausia and vomitting, while prolonged exposure can lead to weakening of the immune system, in addition. Government is supposed to represent our interests and how can it be in the publics interest to have our bodies poisoned in some nationwide lab experiment.

Further more slow poisoning such as this has further consequences for the victim. Prolonged exposure can lead to retardation of the brain which leads to ill judgment and leaves the mind susceptible to manipulation. It should be the concerted effort of all free thinking people to pursue the purpetraitors of this crime, no matter where their odious trail leads, and punish those responsible.

Ultimately we must hold our politicians to account for sanctioning the behavior of the security services to carry out such dastardly deeds on the good people of this country. It just beggars belief that this behavior is a continuing feature of human life in BRITAIN and in the 21st century. How can we attribute the dismiss of Britain to immigrants when the behavior of the government is abhorrent.  It is plain to see that our elected ‘Rulers’ have little regard for the peasants.  Consistantly passing legislation that oppress people,  encourage social disorder, smack the face of long held cultural beliefs.  Like the push-me-pull-me from Dr Dolittle’s island,  an obscene circus act that claims to act on our behalf and to our ‘interests’.  We legitimize them in this act by voting for them.  It is akin to us giving a sex offender pornographic material, it doesn’t make sense.

It has always been the thought of man while looking to the sky and observing the heavens that they were untouchable, pure and arranged in concert.  Removed from all change and free from decay.  But increasingly looking upwards one cannot deny the existence of these stains on the sky.  Yet one may dismiss these benign looking lines as mere weather fronts or clouds even.  It strikes a fundamental nerve in the human psyche that the sky, far from being immutable and pure, may in fact be tainted.  Denial is comfort and comfort is the killer of all great endeavors.

Public awareness has to be increased in regard to this silent warfare taking place.

In reflection French had the right idea during the their revolution, We need to clean out the trash scum politicians and ‘secret’ operations against the very people that made this country great. All tyrannical regimes fall and their leaders never learn.

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