Spain clamps down on anti-government rallies

Spain is clamping down on public demonstrations which oppose the governments policies on immigration. See article. It is worrying since the general mood across Europe is against further immigration, that governments are seeking suppress such outbursts. Regardless if you agree or disagree with the policies of these dissatisfied citizens it cannot be denied that immigration is one of the most contentious issue to face western Europe in some time, and a problem which has been building for some time.

Apparently “Spain has won praise for the apparent ease with which it has absorbed four million immigrants over the past decade and has scored high on polls that indicate how well-received immigrants feel in Europe.”, well I think that mood has changed. A nation cannot take so many immigrants if already services and jobs are oversubscribed. one has to look at the reasons behind why so many immigrants are coming. Promise of better wages(used as cheap labour by businesses) and soft-touch/benefit rich environment attract the people to our shores.

Immigration is not bad by itself, just not in a manner that will destroy the host country and destroy their culture and lifestyle. I’m afraid that at this time the level of immigration is doing just that and one should become accustomed to seeing more rallies such as these as citizens become more disillusioned with/and distrustful of their political masters.

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