Detention of terror suspects in UK

The conservatives are finding their libertarian roots in the battle for how long terror suspects can be held for. Read article here. I doubt that the conservative party has any shred of decency left having presided over the demise of Britain for so long. I doubt that the powers at be in the conservative party will significantly reverse the slide of personal freedoms that the British have long enjoyed.

The people of Britain will never understand it seems, that the whole concept of left and right is dead.  Instead we have the cult of government. There is ONLY government and what they say is what matters. Opinions of ‘subjects’ do not matter in this climate of tit for tat horse trading of policies, with each party seemingly to outdo each other on draconian legislation.

If they were so concerned with the breakdown of the moral and social fabric then why continue with the policies that bring them about(i.e. immigration, death of the family, mistrust of voters, squeezing of the middle classes). The government far from being concerned for these problem, instead embark on their own ideas of ‘containing’ the problem. Increase in the survalence of people, draconian laws aimed not just at terrorists but for the population at large.

When will the government start to listen to the concerns and worries of the people they are supposed to serve?  It is incrediable that in a period of, so called growth, that people are having problems paying their bills each month.  We are creating a powder keg of problems for our future generations,  who burdened with crippling debt, uncertain economic future and unprecedented cultural change will have the misfortune of dealing with.

Can the powers at be not have some foresight and actually create a Britain that our predecessors would be proud of?  Unfortunately the power hungry robber baron that are our leaders along with their powerful banker friends think otherwise.

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