Draft dodging Poles find refuge in UK

It seems that Poles of a certain age are flocking to England in an attempt to avoid National Service in Poland. Under Polish law all men must serve 9 months in the National Service if they are above the age of 18. The only way around this law isd it seems if they 1. Come to England or 2. Stay in full time education until the age of 28. Obviously life in full time education does not appeal to the vast majority of these people so they elect to come here instead. Read here.

I have no quarrel with Poles coming to the UK if there are sufficient jobs for them and if they don’t spnoge benifits from the state. In fact most Poles are extremely hard working people in contrast with a hard core migrant element and work shy English population that seem to constantly live on handouts.

National Service should be started in the UK. No exceptions. In this time of the so called ‘war on terror’, is it not prudent then to train our young people to defend themselves and their rights? I guess not, the government doesn’t care about Britain, that much should be obvious when you take into account the policies of government that have left our borders wide open.

If there was national service in this country it would give some self respect to the chav element in our culture and also it would make government think twice before bossing the population around like we are mere plebs.

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6 Comments on “Draft dodging Poles find refuge in UK”

  1. jonolan Says:

    While I favor National Service, it will be necessary to adopt a non-military form as well unless you are willing to demand several years of service. Both UK and US military personnel require too much specialized training for “short time conscripts” to be useful 😦

  2. extremepress Says:

    You are probably right, but maybe some national service would be useful as it would give some sense of achievement for those that do it. Certainly seems to be an element in society that really lacks any hope or aspiration. It could be a great thing for them. Maybe I am being to idealistic though and the cynic in me senses that the costs of such a scheme will prevent it ever from happening. Money alway has precident and culture always suffer.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I would love to see it! We have th embryo of it here in the US, but like you I think it will fail because people won’t spend the money on it.

  4. in2thefray Says:

    Isn’t it to bad that those on the ends of the spectrum can’t accept the potential a national service program has. The personal investment in ones society should far exceed being taxed. Think about it. Peace Corps,PHS,CityYear are all non military options. The military options of the less technical skill set are very beneficial in disaster response and establishing reserves in case of conflict. matter of perspective I guess.

  5. extremepress Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Guess there are more options than military. In Spain you can work for the life guard, be a rescue worker so there are a lot of option, would be good work experience too.

  6. WoooOOO Says:

    Not everyone in the army is a trooper. They need cooks, ambulancemen, cleaners, dog walkers. Hell, they need YOU!

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