Police State tactics to surpress media documentary detailing radical preachers

An interesting article from the Daily Telegraph detailing a recent Channel 4 dispatches documentary documenting the culture of intolerance being preached in Mosques around Britain(namely Birmingham). The documentary shows preachers and worshipers furiously denouncing women as ‘deficient’, non-Muslims are attacked and Muslims are told that homosexuals should be thrown off mountains and killed.

Unhappy with the state of affairs in Britain the Police decided that they would launch a criminal investigation directed at Channel 4 and NOT the Muslims in question. One has to ask the question, what are the motivations behind such behavior. The articles mentioned the fact(which is true) that Muslims are forming into a strong political alliance in which the Labour party needs if it is too remain in power.

Unable to persue criminal preceedings against Channel 4 under ‘inciting racial hatred’ (WHO WAS PREACHING THE RACIAL HATRED HERE?) the police fall back on tactics obviously gleaned from Stalinist Russia to supress information that is in the public interest ever being shown. A complaint was lodged to OFCOM the Television Broadcasting regulator to block the transmission of the documentary.

Embarrassingly, for the police, OFCOM ruled in favour of Channel4 after viewing transmitted material and transmitted material, continued to judge that the broadcast was fair and impartial.

The reasons for these events are staggering, why in a country that seems to be a fruitful radicalization ground(forget about Afghanistan) with documentary evidence of the culture of hate being indoctorated into Muslim youth is nothing done about it. Why should the police then attempt to cover these facts up with the threat of legal action and censorship.

The government is walking a tight-rope on one hand engaging in policies in such areas as immigration, legislation in regards to terrorism and hate crimes, coupled with doctrines of capitalism that have little regard for long standing traditions and cultures; while simultaneously seducing the public with their tough stance on terror and intolerance.

Given the behavior of the police in trying to supress this documentary and afterwards NOTHING DONE TO DEPORT AND SEND HOME THESE PREACHERS OF HATE, it stands to reason that the government doesn’t want to do anything about this. Instead it is quite happy to let this pressure cooker simmer away until bursting point.

How long this can go on I do not know. The article can be read here.

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