Free speech stifled in oxford

The authorities are again scare-mongering over the appearance of ‘holocaust denying’ historian and the BNP head Nick Griffin over a debate at the Oxford University Student union. Rumors of a ‘clash’ between far-right thugs and left wing activists have been circulating in the press recently. It is funny that whenever people that have an opposing view of ‘normal’ conventions and wish to publicly air their views, they are immediately subject to a tide of messages aimed at causing a moral conflict in the population. You either engage with the established politicians and academics that know best of you are against.

Even if you disagree in their views, surely they have the right to air them if no laws are broken?

Anyway sad day for the freedom of speech when all forms of debate are stiffled(see earlier post about channel 4 dispatches documentary) . Britain is becoming a crazy place where all sorts of expressions are self censored by the population at large after years of PC conditioning. Even if you disagree with what these people say let them say it. They are not members of any banned organization, have they committed a crime?

I am neither right nor left, but I will try to defend their right to speak. As should be the right of all people. The Jewish community has played their card in this too by voicing their concerns over the presence of these people and what they represent. I don’t mind them voicing their concerns, but that should not be the reason to stop this meeting. The history of Jewish culture and the sadness of what happened in the holocast should not be the reason to kill free speach. That would become a self imposed censorship, something I am sure the Nazis would of loved.

Maybe they are nutcases, but at least don’t do the job of terrorists by destroying the freedom to voice your opinion whether it is right OR wrong.

The article is here

One last amusing footnote to this, is the fact that people in this article were complaining about the damage to Oxford Universities ‘Reputation’ this will have. As someone who has lived in Oxford, I think the Oxford University has already lost its reputation in the world when they embarked on the policy of prostituting itself to wealthy overseas students regardless of their academic achievements and at the expense of home students who are easily capable.

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3 Comments on “Free speech stifled in oxford”

  1. lee Says:

    Notice how the article compares ‘far-right thugs’ to ‘left-wing activists’? This is somewhat judgemental and possibly even libelous, but is a typical example of the poor quality of political discourse in this country at the moment.

  2. extremepress Says:

    That is my fault I am afraid .. the article doesn’t mention that, but it was the general feeling that I gleaned from various other newspapers. But you are right of course, sad that debate and opinions in this country have been stifled and anyone that doesn’t fit in with the status que has been sidelined. See Ron Paul in America for example. He is neither right wing or leftwing but a rupublican libertarian. He wants to return the Rupublicans back to their core ideas and he is being portrayed as a radical loose canon…

  3. C Says:

    The local press in Oxford is biased, unprofessional, and undeserving of covering anything of import. Not only have I worked for them in the past, I have also had the displeasure of encountering their lack of integrity and shoddy journalism first hand. They even refuse to acknowledge my polite and fact/reference laden letters and continue spilling their bilge into the apparently willing ears of their readership. We need to take these institutions back from the street up.

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