Muslims will take over Europe within a few decades – Gadhafi

From the horses mouth, so to speak, see here. Muslims will take over Europe in a few decades according to Gadhafi. He seems to be on the money with the way in which successive governments in the UK and in Europe have let a flood of migrants come into Europe. According to Gadhafi there are already 50 million Muslims in Europe already, with the succession of Albania, Bosnia and of Turkey it will increase the number of Muslims in Europe by another 50 million. This estimate is probably out of date now as by the time Turkey aspires to join the EU its population will be nearer 100 million(99% Muslim).

Gahdafi continues on a pro-Islamic diatribe exposing contradictions from the Bible while claiming that the Koran(which incidently is just as full of inconsistancies and errors as the Bible) is unfallible.  He finishes by saying that ‘All people must be Muslims’.  Such arrogance and such small mindedness to suggest that a religion created, in historical terms, recently has the the priviledge and precident to represent to govedern us all.

Firstly had not the religion primarily been an Arab God formostly?  What about all the cultures that came before the Arabs and the Hebrews and the Christians.  Cursed to hell?  And what of the far future when we all finally succeeded in blowing ourselves up to the afterlife(presumably) are they to be governed by Islam too?   It is fascist and it is a terrifying prospect.

These are the terms in what we should be framing these words.  There is a battle going on quietly for your heart and your mind:  to that there can be no uncertainty.

With Jack Straw saying that Turkey should join the European Union(click), is there any hope that the UK battled culture will stand any chance. Especially with the population so depressed, obese and docile. Like domesticated livestock(micro-chipped and bar-coded) our nation is being sent to the abattoir of cultural destruction.

Why does the EU NEED to be expanded further, is it not enough for us just to trade with the Turkish people. Why do they need to be in the European Union? The amount of strain and pressure it will put on Europe will make the accession of the former communist states look like child’s play. The Eastern European peoples culture at least is more similar to the that of the West. Firstly they are a primarily Christian people, I don’t think that these new states will like to see Turkey join the EU as it will take resources (for nor) directed at their door, towards Turkey.

Turkey with a long history of oppression of Eastern European countries, such as Greece, Bulgaria and Romania; and recently with growing religious intolerance towards non-Turks and non-Muslims is EXTREMELY worrying. The European Unions borders then will move towards Iraq, Syria and Iran. The furthest East since the times of the Roman Empire.

Territory and money aside, this issue has more to do with cultural change and what sort of future we want to leave to our children. Are people in the West really wanting to embrace Islam? What is wrong to defend the culture of Europe, we are not an Arab culture, we are not an Islamic culture, so why is it being forced upon us?

It makes me so mad. Have humans learnt nothing from history? Here we stand as a CULTURE and as a unique PEOPLE on the precipice of being consigned to the past. Do we want to preserve our way of life. I think we should too. Having traveled extensively through Eastern Europe I certainly know that they do to.

Have HEART we are not alone. And the fools that have lead us to these dark corners will find that the light will burn very brightly upon them when the tide does turn.

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7 Comments on “Muslims will take over Europe within a few decades – Gadhafi”

  1. javeria Says:

    fear of takeover of Europe by immigrants coming from a British mouth sounds funny to me….. when it was the British who colonized the rest of the world.You also appear to be unaware of the basic teachings of Islam.

  2. extremepress Says:

    Javeria, you are free to make your opinion here. I welcome that. Britain, it is true colonised much of the world but how is that got to do with the present day? Or even this topic? I could equally say, in regards to the Turkish people (who ruled much of Europe in centuries past) that I would not want them to forget about their culture. In fact Turkey has laws against insulting Turkishness. An example of insecurity?

    Your statement in regards to the British Empire is ludicrous because I would never sanction imperialism or wish to see another British Empire. It is equally ironic that the place you come from and gave rise to you, has in all probably been conquered and subjugated by Islam in the first place. See history of persecution of conquered peoples by Islam. So my friend unless you are a convert on your own free will, you are probably descended from people that have been conquerored by Islam.

    Also the article was in response to a statement made by Gadhafi in the first place, who called on all people to be Muslims, which I merely point out amounts to fascist doctrine. So my friend because precisely I do not wish you end up like you I am airing my opinion, as I aired yours by accepting your comment.

    Finally, you also mention that I am unaware of basic teachings of Islam. How did you come to this conclusion? I think you are misguided. Why is it that when a criticism of Islam is lodged the response is always uniform and saddening e.g. You don’t know the true meaning of Islam, or, Muslims aren’t practicing the proper essents of Islam.

    If you are going to say something, at least do yourself a favour and make it meaningful…

  3. LorMarie Says:

    I’m not too familiar with British demographics. But I wonder if non-Arab Britons are embracing Islam or if Arabs are viewed to be a threat. I.E., if the migrants were Christians from Arab nations or the third world, would they still be viewed as a threat to “traditional British” or European culture in general?

  4. extremepress Says:

    Many immigrant Christian Arabs have come to UK precisely because they have in the past been persecuted in their homelands. I am not saying we should stop all immigration just we should pause, especially in these turbulent times, and reflect on what Europeans really want to leave their future generations.

  5. javeria Says:


    My point of mentioning colonization was to point out the double standards – if the British colonized the rest of the world in the past.. then its fine and accepted but why is legal immigration of Muslims such an issue then? I’ll call it double standards.

    It’s true my land was conquered by Muslims many many years ago and hence my great great great grandparents became muslim – but you can not say it was by force. They chose to accept Islam and i have chosen to practice Islam as well. You can not force a person to be a Muslim. Being born into a Muslim family does not make a person muslim. (Muslim means the one who submits to the will of God). You have to practice Islam to be a Muslim.

    You said:
    “What about all the cultures that came before the Arabs and the Hebrews and the Christians. Cursed to hell? And what of the far future when we all finally succeeded in blowing ourselves up to the afterlife(presumably) are they to be governed by Islam too?”
    This shows you are not aware of the basics of Islam.

    The Prophet of Islam is not just Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – but Islam makes it conditional to accept all the Prophets before him i.e. Prophet Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus and many others. peace be upon them all.

    If a person denies the Prophethood of any Prophet, he can not be considered Muslim.
    All the Prophets were sent by ONE GOD – God of Adam, Jesus, Moses was one. That same God sent Muhammad pbuh. The message of all these Prophets was one – to obey one true God.

    So the true followers of these Prophets and believers in one God would not be cursed to hell.

    Similarly the divine books, The pasalms of David, Gospel of Moses, Gospel of Jesus were all sent by One God. But these books were corrupted by man and saying of people, prophets and others were added to them and made into a Bible. That is why God sent a final pure Book the Quran which is not written by any man, but is the true and pure Word of God alone and till now is in its authentic and pure form and will remain untouched by Man till the end of this world.

    Your statement that Quran has inconsistencies and mistakes like bible is also incorrect. Listen to the debate between Dr.Zakir Naik and Dr. Campbell on you tube!

    Secondly, if Qadafi or anyone says something – why do you take it so seriously! Its not like each and every person would be forced to convert to Islam.

    It is clearly written in the Quran that “There is no compulsion in religion – Truth Stands out from Falsehood” Quran 2:256

    Thus any enforcement of Islam on others is against the basic teachings of Islam.

    To become a Muslim you have to willingly submit to will of God – not to the will of a tyrant or anybody else.

  6. extremepress Says:

    I don’t think it is double standards to want a curb on immigrants in the UK. Will save a lot of long term unrest. Don’t see why anyone should let in immigrant just because they feel guilty about things done by ancestors past.

    I am happy to hear that your great great grandparents were so happy and eager to embrace Islam. It really heartens me that they saw the goodness in it and decided to convert. They must of been in the minority however as the practices and policies of the Muslims rulers normally coerced people to convert and if that failed, one or two crucifixions or stonings usually did the trick.

    I have read your post with great interest, now go off and read about the Muslim persecution of non-Muslims throughout history.

    You missed my point about ““What about all the cultures that came before the Arabs and the Hebrews and the Christians. Cursed to hell? And what of the far future when we all finally succeeded in blowing ourselves up to the afterlife(presumably) are they to be governed by Islam too?””

    I am just pointing out inconsistencies in your religious traditions. That God was primarily the God of the Hebrews and alone protected the Hebrews at the expense, neglection of all other tribes and peoples. I find it strange that Islam tried in the same way that Christianity did prior to legitimise it’s own existance by basing its religion on previous religious thought.

    Isn’t that arrogance first and in the first degree. That you are saying that all previous words of God have somehow become twisted and corrupted over the years and only Islam with it holy Quran is the the true un edited word of God.

    And what of people that do not believe in the words of any of the prophets? Like Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Atheists…They are I supposed misguided too.

    The problem with Christianity and Islam is that they try to convert people all the time. There is a long documented history of this and in a way missionizing is a unique aspect of these religions. I do not believe your words that there is no compulsion in religion especially when praxis proves otherwise.

    Anyway why on earth would anyone WILLING submit to your God … seems like a jealous God to me. As to the inconsistancies in the Quran they have been well documented too. just search for Quran inconsistencies.

    I am not trying to belittle your faith, if you believe thats find. Here in the west we don’t want it forced down our throats. Is medieval. It isn’t Muslims fault, but fault of government for letting so many Muslims come here. Time to stop.

  7. in2thefray Says:

    One of the biggest problems for Europe is it’s failure to encourage/require the integration/assimilation of immigrants.Europe has also pretty roundly destroyed it’s own morality. This action encourages Muslims to look at their new society and further refrain from integration. This also sets up the hyper reflex embrace of Islam and is the first stepping stone for radical behavior.

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