Schools to use high tech surveillance methods on pupils

A report yesterday in the Daily Mail, see here.

Using RIFD technology, microchips sewn into the school uniform emit information on student details which are tracked at every point of the school day. Using this information a log of what the student is doing from the point of entering the school to leaving the school gates can be compiled.

Defenders of the scheme say that it will reduce the time taken by the teachers compiling registered and tracking down errant pupils. However, this technology will do nothing to stop truancy amongst pupils that are determined not to go to school. Other ‘benefits’ regarding security are equally as pointless as well as if a stranger was to enter the school no record of the stranger would show in the RFID logs. Pupils determined to do mischief could equally exchange coats and throw the whole system into chaos.

In America schools that utilized this technology feed the information collected by the RFID logs directly to police computers and alert the police to any truancy that may take place. Other variotions on these tracking systems is the use of electronic fingerprint reading devices which track when children get on and off school buses and enter individual classes.

These system when viewed as a whole seem to be another way to in-doctorate children(when people are most impressionable) into a culture of surveillance. With the popularity of such sites like Facebook and MySPACE where people voluntarily submit personal information for all to see(even potential employers/schools/government) it can be hardly surprising that this sort of technology is becoming accepted.

When will the day come when financial details are kept on these RFID chips and payment for school meals can only take place with these microchips. Where you will be unable to get a job or bank account unless your personal information is stored on a microchip and implanted into your body. Is a frightening thought. More frightening then one looks at the ‘security lapse’ which are endemic in modern society. See the recent fiasco with the loss of sensitive information by the UK government(estimated at 25 million people AT RISK of identity fraud) and already the alarm bells should be ringing.

It can only be a matter of time before the microchip is surgically sewn into children. We have the technology and the infrastructure in place (generally) to do this. We will be under surveillance at every turn, and at every juncture in our brief, miserable lives. Is this really the future we want for our children and the rest of us? What have we done wrong to be constantly under observation like some common criminal?

For an interesting news report(video) on the implications of this click here .

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