Muhammeds tea party

muhammed maybe?I thought I would say how ridiculous this whole furor over the naming of a TEDDY BEAR muhammed is. I mean teddy bears are supposed to be all cute and cuddly not prophets of God.  It really is ridiculous. People are now calling for this poor misguided, befuddled teachers death over this issue. To think that the mere naming of a toy bear(not even named after the prophet but one of the children) can cause such an explosion of emotions and international tension. With message boards being jammed on most newspapers calling on instant sanctions and suspension of aid to these extremist countries. Yet, there is relative silence over this issue by our politicians and ‘human rights nazis’.

It is all mohammed-cartoon-danish-thumb.jpegso predictable, maybe if there was a chance to get some backhand cash for the labour party out of this problem something would be done sooner. I doubt it though. Probably this will draw on for some considerable time and give some sort of attention to Sudan’s beleaguered government. Islam is full of attention seekers and are so puffed up with self importance that it really tests that most controlled and ethical persons temper in many ways.

Episodes like these should have been banished to the middle ages, but apparently not.

However Europe is continuing it ‘deep attachment’ for via it s crush on Islamic principles, well governments are at least. I guess they see how much power they can wield through it. Beware my friends this is Sudan today, but if we continue to follow the path which Europe has decided to take, it may well be your neighbourhood soon.

Proof of this can be seen in Bosnia, Europe’s very little own Islamic Fascist state, with all the help and money from Saudi oil is Europe’s own breeding ground from Islamic fascists. London is another example in which home grown fanatics are being groomed.

When will the time come when normal people white, black, yellow, pink or whatever colour you are start to rally like in other European countries to ask for a stop to all this. The British people are being coiled to their breaking point with current laws (PC laws, immigration, hate laws, multiculturalism) and when will it snap no one knows…

Recently the labour fool Jack ‘boot’ Straw wants to invite Turkey into the fold of the European Union “as an experiment to prove Islam and the West can co-exist” IS HE MAD? Look no further than to England, or to the Ottoman Empire, or the Caliphate that nearly overran Europe. This is a religion based on FIRE AND BRIMSTONE(much like Christianity’s old testament but with none of the references to ‘love’ seen in the New Testament).

There is no hope that the west can co-exist with Islam as Islam will always want to impose its will on others. It is a deeply insecure religion. The follows know no better as they are conditioned into it at an early age. I worry about people that convert to Islam and am very suspicious over their motivations. islam is definitely NOT a religion of peace.

Maybe in the end it is less about religion and maybe more about power manipulating religion for its own ends.  Sudan which perhaps wants more leverage to achieves its goals, in relation to aid perhaps or to Darfur is using this to squeeze concessions out of the West.  Or maybe it is a case of religious factions flexing their own control over the government and reaffirming that religion is the significant factor in that country,  or perhaps both.  What is clear is that it is painting a very negative image to the world of Islam and Islamic countries.

Looking on the internet, I could find no Muhammed bears, but here are a few Christian ones…jesus.jpg

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