Proof that chimps should be in charge of government

chimp.jpgAn interesting article looking at how chimps out perform university student when it comes to memory.  Maybe we would all be better off if these chimps were in charge of the government department responsible for ‘loosing’ 25 million Britons personal bank details.  Article here.

With reports that yet more sensitive has been ‘lost’ in recent days and with the government on the ropes over the illegal funding of their political party it seems that we have given political control over to baboons rather than chimps.  With leading europhiles claiming that an EU presidency will create conflict(no doubt aware that the crook Tony Blair who was far worse than any Milosovich,  has his greedy paws on the new presidency role) and with most people in Britain opposing the nu-labour enforced dictacts e.g. identity cards,  it is unsurprising that the government would be better run by chimps.

The chimps are getting my vote in the next election thats for sure…

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