Dentention of terror suspect in spotlight again…

Unsatisfied with its first bloody nose in 2005 with the governments attempt to increase detention of ‘terror’ suspects to 90 days, the government in all its lack of wisdom is trying to repeat the ignominy of yet ANOTHER defeat. Does this government have no shame, we are already the most stepped upon (in person liberty sense) in Europe, in its quest to extend the length of time Government can hold terror suspects without charge to 42 days. It begs the question, if this is not a police, then what is?

The excuse give to justify this debacle is the fact that the poor police need MORE time to do their work, especially when complex financial details are needed or the decoding of computer encryption is needed. This is utter fiddlesticks. Do not have the wool pulled over your eyes. The government with the ability to listen in on everyones person phone calls, to trawl through unlimited Internet chat sessions, to eavesdrop in any conceivable thing possible does not have the ability to quickly get evidence against terror suspects? Are we to believe this fantasy?

Yet with all these existing powers the government is ‘unable’ to solve teenage thugs hanging around in shopping centre car parks terrorising good members of the public?! Polish immigrants going back to Poland because they think UK is too dangerous and ‘out of control’. People you better hope that Poland doesn’t close the borders to the British as it may be the l;ast safe haven left for us to flee when this country really hits the fan.

The government is full of itself, it is so arrogant and self assured that you just want to punch it in the teeth and rip it to shreds. I can’t wait for the day this government comes down. When will they address the real issues? The issues of appeasement to crack pot religions, the active participation in the destruction of the United Kingdoms cultural heritage, the reckless pursuit of yet MORE immigration(now immigrants are to be FAST-TRACKED),the failing in teaching of OUR children, the destruction of our economy. The woes will continue as long as the British publics bucolic obsession with television and shopping continue. It is Brave New World and the British public are just docile cattle being milk of whatever useless tat they can provide.

Gordon Brown after 42 days detention no chargeWith the credit crunch fast approaching it can only be a matter of time before the fuse gets lit and the people of Britain begin tho thrash around looking for those responsible. That will be the day all these sleaze ball, traitor politicians will find themselves detained for 42 days without charge for the terrorism inflicted onto the British public!! I for one will welcome that day.

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