Keep your hands off Serbia

Serbia is a great country full of warm lovely people.  Unfortunately the West has painted and contrary image of the Serbs,  sadly maybe due to the nationalistic appeals of Milosovic who perhaps like people such as Winston Churchill in the past used words to bolster moral in the face of adversary.  Easy pickings for the western propaganda machine to paint Serbs as mean,  evil christian fundamentalists who rape poor chaste Muslim girls on mass.  Bullshit.

Again,  the west is at it with the melt down in Kosovo.  Kosovo the heartland of the Serbian nation is primed to declare itself independent against the expressed wishes of the Serbian government which has jurisdiction over the province.  How can we let this be when Albanian muslims daily abuse and terrorise Serbian civilians in Kosovo,  whiloe NATO stands idly by and watches.  Serbians today are fleeing en mass to Serbia, totally disallusioned with historic churches being burnt down and Muslims overuning Serbian christian villages forcing them to leave.  What does the West do to stop this?  It does nothing but protect the Albanians and the Muslim fundamentalist who are bent on establishing and Islamic State in Europe.  It is navel gazing sick voyeurism on the part of the West.

Serbia’s only friend at the moment it seems is Russia.  Who can blame Russia for wanting to protect Serbia?  No one else seems willing.  I cannot express my deepest sorrow for the Serbians,  who no real fault of their own have been demonised by the West.  Had it been mosques being burnt down I am more than sure that Europe would be bombing the perpetrators eagerly.  But then again the West seems intent on establishing Islam in Europe,  even though it is wholly alien here.  Today is Kosovo but tomorrow it could be anywhere in Europe.

When will people wake up to what is happening on our doorstep!

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