Activists chain themselves to fence protesting against treatment of asylum seekers

Activists this morning chained themselves to the railings of the Borders and Immigration Department in an attempt to prevent trucks used in dawn raids from carrying out their obligations. The police use dawn raids as a tactic to catch groups of illegal immigrants, a tactic which NoBordersNetworkUK opposes.

According to the Daily Mail(here) around 15 protested had chained themselves to railings using tripods in an attempt to disrupt operations at various immigration offices nationwide. Their expressed aim is to ensure that Britain(including Scotland) remain a nation which welcomes immigrants, regardless on the consequences to the indigenous population it seems.

They consider the dawn raids using vans with blacked out windows as too heavy handed tactic to deal with the problem of illegal migrants. A tactic they consider too brutal considering family life is disrupted. These organizations question the cost effectiveness of such removals into ‘detention centers’ citing the figures to maintain families in such places and pointing to the human costs of such policies.

It is true that it is an expensive business that is why it should be important to speed up the entire deportation procedure and to reduce the amount of money wasted on drawn out appeals. There really is no other way to other than morning raids to catch these people as they have broken numerous countries immigration laws in coming to this final destination.

These people are criminals as they have broken the immigration laws of this country and have no right to remain in this country. They are a burden on society in the sense that we pay increasingly heavy taxes to chase these peoples so they can be deported in the first place. The majority of Britain favours tougher measures to tackle the illegal elements within this country. I don’t care how much money it costs to remove these people as they have no right here. Furthermore the borders need to be more stringently policed not relaxed(as will happen after the signing of the Lisbon treaty). We have become a decadent and soft destination for these people, who often despise what Britain represents in any-case.

With the recent debacle of the Government giving YOUR hard earned taxes to illegal immigrant to LEAVE the country to set up business, and consequently with the often returning at a later date, we are adding fuel to the fire by encouraging these people. Especially worrying considering the fact that the internal borders to the newly join Eastern European Union countries are being lifted. With Mongolians and Afghans marching towards the Ukraine and Hungry is only a matter of time before we become swamped if non-Europeans(and this is on a EU wide scale).

Do you really think that people in these newly created Eastern Europeans countries after being years under the foot of the Soviets will want to see their hard preserved cultural character erased by foolish bureaucrats in Brussels. I don’t think so. Likewise here in Britain where we are already seeing what little that is left of British custom slowly dying away. A prime example of the the thousands of schools where English is the minority language and with Mosques popping up all over the country faster than shelves from IKEA.

I am sorry, I know it sounds harsh but Britain cannot solve the problems of the world so the whole process of removal should be speeded up 100 fold if we are to protect the people, and I mean the indigenous people of Britain, from cultural suicide. The people that are protesting are misguided and they are fools. The government is elected to be the protector and steward of the United Kingdom, instead they are scum that is destroying the very people of Britain that put the ‘Great’ into Britain.

Migrants are not bad people inherantly. They probably are victims as much as the people of this country are. They probably have no knowledge of the harm they are doing to our culture. They are just pawns in a wider game of chess the governments of the world use to divide people and to secure their own power base. I have often had worries that the forced removal of people may be morally bankrupt. What can people do though in the face of such a threat that unbridled immigration poses? Is it better to deport people now than it is to let the pressure build to a point in Europe that could possibly lead us again to death camps as a ‘final solution’?

I really think it is better to be prudent now than to leave Europe facing problems that could last over the next millennium. harsh now, maybe. But better this, than to leave Britain of the future lying in ashes…

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